GoogleŽ proof websites that pay for themselves.

CID Solutions employs GoogleŽ Webmaster Tool guidelines when creating and rebuilding websites.

Stay away from tricks when coding sites. GoogleŽ uses an algorythm that is smarter than all of us put together. It can spot tricks and gimmicks and GoogleŽ can blacklist your site for it.

Stay away from reciprocating links!  The more one way links you have pointing to your site, the better your rating.  A website's links act as a vote for that website.  If you point to trashy sites, your site rating will follow.

Graphics and flash look nice, but GoogleŽ looks for text.  Graphics have places to hold text and it is important to take advantage of that since GoogleŽ will look for that.

A Text based navigation is very good and so are bullet points with links to more information.

Do you know your page rank?  You can check your rank at:Ž ranks at a 10! What do you rank?

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