Google® proof websites that pay for themselves

CID Solutions employs Google® Webmaster Tool guidelines when creating and rebuilding websites.

Stay away from tricks when coding sites. Google® uses an algorithm that is smarter than all of us put together. It can spot tricks and gimmicks and Google® can blacklist your site for it.

Stay away from reciprocating links!  The more one way links you have pointing to your site, the better your rating.  A website’s links act as a vote for that website.  If you point to trashy sites, your site rating will follow.

Graphics and flash look nice, but Google® looks for text.  Graphics have places to hold text and it is important to take advantage of that since Google® will look for that.

A Text based navigation is very good and so are bullet points with links to more information.

Do you know your page rank?  You can check your rank at: Check Page Rank…Google® ranks at a 10! What do you rank?

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